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Shipping Containers

Things to Consider When Renting A Shipping Container

By November 27, 2019October 3rd, 2022No Comments

Considering renting a shipping container for storage, either on your property or ours?

If you are, you can anticipate a lot of benefits. Firstly, shipping container rental price is a great deal less when compared to a purchase. It’s a wise option for a one-off or short-lived use, as you will not need to worry about keeping, preserving or disposing the container afterwards.

Shipping container hire nonetheless, shouldn’t be done haphazardly. Just because it’s a short-term setup doesn’t mean you need to simply agree to any kind of container. Complying with a couple of easy suggestions when working with a shipping container can ensure that you get the most effective container for your demands and also get the most value for money.

Below are some points you require to take into consideration when renting a shipping container:

Shipping Container Measurements

It’s important that you identify the specific size of the container you’ll need before you consider shipping container hire. This will depend mainly on what you’re preparing to place in the container as well as your factor for renting a container to begin with, but usually, it would certainly be more economical to rent out one larger container than numerous small ones.

These larger containers are widely-used and because of this are more readily available.

How long are you wanting to rent a shipping container?

One more aspect you need to make clear is the length of time you’ll be renting out the container. Of course, you do not want to exceed the agreed date of the return for the container. To see to it this does not occur it would certainly be smart to extend your rental duration a bit more than the size of time you, in fact, intend to use the container. This will provide you a window of time so to speak, in case something shows up as well as you’ll require to make use of the container a bit longer. It might also be more cost-efficient as there are generally price cuts for longer-term leases.

Check Your Shipping Container for any Damage

While delivery containers are without question long lasting, they aren’t unbreakable. This is why you must initially check the container before you go ahead with the rental.  We will do this with you to ensure all is in working order.  We thoroughly inspect not just the outside, but the interior as well including inspecting the walls, the flooring, and the roof covering particularly. This component is rarely examined as a result of its inaccessibility, yet its honesty is vitally important. Even a little hole might suggest the entrance of moisture as well as other impurities into your container, and damage to whatever you place inside. Likewise we ensure the doors, the hinges as well as locks are all in working order. We also make certain these components are devoid of rust as well as broken components and remain in good working problem.

Ensure Shipping Container Material is sturdy

It’s important to ensure that your container is made of long-lasting, deterioration resistant steel specifically if you’ll be exposing it to exterior aspects. Corrosion can be damaging not only to the container but also to things inside it.

Transporting the Shipping Container to Your Property

When receiving or planning to deliver your container, see to it that you have a pre-established travel plan that specifies its precise route, who will be supplying it as well as how it will certainly be placed. This is extremely essential because containers are not suitable for transport with certain roads, such as those with passages, trees and also power lines; as well as any kind of lapse in handling can trigger a major mishap. It would be best if the container doesn’t have to go through extended durations of transportation. You may be asking, “well, exist shipping containers for rental fee near me?” And also the solution is of course. We’ll make certain your container reaches you safely and quickly, as soon as a day after you verify rental.

Ensure you clear up insurance coverage responsibilities with the container firm. Frequently this obligation is birthed by the customer, and any kind of items saved inside the container is the duty of the buyer. Nonetheless, some companies do supply service warranties if in case you are not pleased with the container.

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